Krasi Todorov or also famous as Unkle Krasi is music producer, composer, arranger, keyboard player, sound designer, sound engineer, mixing and mastering specialist and last but not least wanderlust addicted and an absolute adrenaline junkie.

Through his music career he has been performing with the most famous Bulgarian live bands and artists. More than 10 international tours and more than 1000 live concerts have already passed.

His sound recording and music producing career starts back in the 90,s with recording emblematic for Bulgarian pop and rock music singles and albums. Today his songs are among the most loved ones for several generations.

Producing and composing music for TV commercials is part from his main projects for the last 10 years. More than 50 TV spots, created by Krasi, are aired in Bulgaria, Romania and Russia.

Sound engineering have been his passion since the very beginning and this makes Krasi a top specialist at sound recording, mixing & mastering

Live High! This is tattooed at his body and represents his strong desire for free and simple life. He built his own camper bus and together with his family are traveling along the globe chasing kiteboarding spots, snowboarding hills, motocross tracks, beautiful nature, delicious food and kind people.